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Conveyor belt cleaning equipment

Returns Belt Cleaners

V1 V-Plough

The MATO Returns Belt Cleaners include:

.  MCR1 Returns Belt Cleaner
.  MCR2 Returns Belt Cleaner
.  V1 V-Plough Returns Belt Cleaner

MATO MCR1 Vee Plough
Returns Belt Cleaners
MUS1 The MATO MCR1 Vee Plough is an economical free   floating returns plough and is best suited installed prior to   any returns belt pulley, tail pulley or loop take up   installations.

 The MCR1 has a robust construction, allowing for easy   installation and recovery if needed. The MCR1 is supported   by four chain anchor points to fix to any conveyor structure,   thus allowing the unit to free float with varying belt   conditions.

 .  Easy blade replacement
 .  Economical
 .  Ease of installation

MATO MCR2 Diagonal Plough
Return Belt Cleaner
MUS1 The MATO MCR2 Diagonal Plough has all the same   features as the MCR1 Plough above, however one blade   assembled to the unit is designed to cover the entire width   of the conveyor belt. This unit allows for all the materials   removed by the plough to be deposited to the desired side   of the conveyor belt. The MATO MCR2 Diagonal Plough is   easily changed from a right hand side configuration, to a left hand side unit, as all the cleaner blades are interchangeable.

.  Single direction discharge
.  Economical
.  Ease of installation
.  Free floating

MATO V1 V-Plough
Returns Belt Cleaner
V1 The MATO V1 Plough Type Belt Cleaner is a proven   design that offers effective cleaning of the return belt, ease   of maintenance and installation. interchangeable.


.  Profiled UHMW, replaceable, blades offer effective cleaning and protection of return
.  Unique urethane tensioning system provides optimal tensioning of plough against belt..   Ideally suited to use on belts with mechanical fasteners.
.  Simple design of fabricated items provides ease of installation, maintenance and blade
.  High quality paint finish optimizes life of fabricated components.