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Conveyor belt maintenance equipment

Company Profile

MATO Corporation

Mato products are designed and manufactured by our parent company MATO GmbH & Co.KG, based near Frankfurt Germany. We have been in the business of manufacturing belt fasteners for more than 100 years and offer advanced designs, high technical expertise, and top quality products world wide.

Mato belt fasteners and belt maintenance products have been sold in North America since the early 1980's.

Because of our success and the increase demand for our products in North America, Mato Corporation established a presence in the USA with warehouse and offices in Beckley, West Virginia, in 1995.

We distribute a range of machine installed and hammer installed belt fasteners along with clamps, cutters, and other accessories. The products are used in most mining, industrial, and agricultural markets accross the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Our Business is supported by stratagically located sales and service personnel, and a network of stocking distributers throughout North America. Just call our office or sales/service staff to find your nearest Mato supplier.